The Stylish Mama Boss Workshop - ONLINE MARKETING
The Stylish Mama Boss Workshop - ONLINE MARKETING
The Stylish Mama Boss Workshop - ONLINE MARKETING

The Stylish Mama Boss Workshop - ONLINE MARKETING

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Why MAMA BOSS?! Can I join in if I’m not a mum? Hell yes! Online marketing is for everyone. So why do I call it Mama Boss? Because there is something super magical about mums in businesses. We just had a baby and feel so powerful to conquer the world! To me, calling it Mama Boss means anyone that is passionate, know they can do anything and are willing to sacrifice to make it happen! 

Who is Roberta?

With a following of over 70k on Instagram, having an award-winning business and bagging a TOP 10 Digital Innovator nomination in Australia in 2017 for creating an online market concept that sees her business and other mums' businesses exposed to over a million people monthly and helping them sell over $2m in the last 2 years, Roberta Fairbanks has built a SIX figure income from Instagram alone. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, mum, lover of her pink fluffy robe and of all amazing people. She is a game changer you want to hear from!

So many of us start our businesses profiles on Instagram hoping for the same success that others have. But we look at other succeeding and we don't think we have what it takes! We are not trendy enough, we don’t know where to start, we feel overwhelmed and mainly silly to even be there! Did I guess that right? 

Three years ago, when I was just getting started, I felt the same. But I knew I wanted to succeed so I used strategies that have helped my business EXPLODE! Today, my clients learn everything from Instagram Strategies, email marketing, Facebook groups, design graphic, running successful collaborations and the most important thing, switching their mindset to I’M GOOD ENOUGH and I will rock this business! And boy, don’t they do it!

You don't need to be trendy to make your voice be heard.  You need strategy, vision, passion and the will to never ever give up!

Why won’t people follow me? Why aren’t they buying my product? Am I doing something wrong? What does it take to run a successful business on Instagram?

After three years of building Stylish Kids Australia and helping over 2000  Makers and Shakers reach their target markets, I finally know the answer to those questions.... and the MAMA Boss Workshop was born! It started small, from home and now I go round Australia sharing my strategies. In 2017, I spoke in front of over 1000 people in all Australian Capitals! In my workshop, I will help you grow your business using the strategies and lessons I learned and which have helped me grow an amazing business using mainly Instagram as a Marketing Platform!

And believe me, I'm not one of those trendy people! I mostly work in my pink fluffy robe (Yeaaaah baby!)

Discover how to:

Attract your target market
Transform followers into loyal customers
Grow a 6-figure income using Instagram as your marketing platform

What can you expect from our half day workshop:

9:30am to 12:30pm AUSTRALIA

8:30 pm to 12:30 am BRAZIL 

You will leave feeling supported, full of ideas for the best way to explode your business on Instagram!

Brazilians - if payment is made with international card from Brazil, you can expect a conversion rate of around 2.5 - so ticket might cost around $220 REAIS (subject to your own bank conversion, this is just an estimate!) plus IOF of 6%