Accept Your Nomination

Accept Your Nomination

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Well done for being Nominated to our Stylish Awards!

Stylish Kids Australia has been a Directory of Brands in the Kids and Ladies Fashion Online World in Australia since 2014, before many Brands even were online. We saw a need and we got known for our Online Insta-Events, Networking Events for Small Businesses and Magazine.

We are super excited to bring you our most favourite Brands and let the public choose who their favourites are.

Once you have accepted your Nomination, and public voting is open you will receive an email with an image you can share to let your followers and mailing list know you have been nominated, a questionnaire to fill out and a text you can use to post to entice your followers to vote for you. All our categories are public voting in the first round apart from the main prize - The Stylish Business Award and The Stylish Influencer Award.

Once the public voting round has closed, there will be a Finalist round of votes through Public Voting as well. 

You only need to pay 1 fee per Category you have been nominated to. 


This fee of $19 is so we can process the entries with our admin team :)

You will be the first to know when our Event tickets go on Sale! YAY!

Much love, 

Roberta and the SKA team.